Does One Size Fit All?

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You’ve seen it before – ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL – from gloves to rain ponchos and so on. In theory, that works as the one-size-fits-all glove fits snuggly on one person while on another it’s baggy. So what ‘fits’ is the true question and that is a personal one.

People often email me to help them deal with big challenges in their life and how to conquer them. Some of them are large and I step into my own fears of do I have the knowledge to help that person. I certainly want to help but I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist.  I certainly don’t want to say the ‘wrong’ thing that might perpetuate their feelings of unworthiness which can show up as depression, despair, boredom, disappointment and a variety of other fear filled thoughts.

Can my positivity coaching be a one-size-fits-all? YES with the caveat that whatever you are going through right now, you will wear it differently. It’s easy to be positive when things are going well in your life, but where true power lies is remaining positive when you are in the midst of struggle.

So try your one-size-fits-all positivity plan on and adjust accordingly by:

BEING AWARE OF HOW YOU FEEL: When you are aware of how you feel, it provides you the opportunity to change. This seems like a no brainer, however many of us go through the day on automatic pilot and we aren’t even aware we are thinking, saying and doing things in a space of negativity. So ask yourself how do you feel and adjust as needed.

SMILING: Go about your day smiling and its okay if it’s a forced smile to begin with. Smile at everyone you see and you will begin to see people smiling back at you. Smiles feel good!

LAUGHING: Watch a funny movie, check out a comedian, but look for ways to laugh each day as laughter releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones.

FINDING THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR: Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! I can’t stress the power of gratitude enough. Sometimes you need to dig deep to find it, but I promise you, it’s there. Be grateful you are breathing on your own. Be grateful you have a comfy bed to sleep in. Be grateful that you woke up today. Gratitude expands and you begin to see lots of reasons to be grateful.

BEING GENTLE WITH YOURSELF: We often celebrate what we’ve done well for a fleeting moment, yet replay our perceived failures over and over again in our heads. Be gentle with you and know that in each moment you can choose a better feeling thought. When you are facing health, financial or relationship challenges, be okay to seek out professional help as there are experts out there to support you.  

So try on positivity and find out how it fits best on you. There will be days that it’s snug. There will be days it’s loose. As you continue exercising your positive muscles, you will find it to be what you wear best – along with a big smile of course.

Until next time – stay positively focused.

About Carol: Carol is a Catalyst Coach integrating the power of positive thoughts, words and actions into your personal and professional life.

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