do you have a dream?

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In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I ask you, “Do You Have a Dream”? Here was a man with great odds against him and yet his dream was far bigger than his fear. His dream was all consuming. His dream was bigger than him. His dream was seemingly insurmountable and yet he continued on as it was calling and he created great change in the world. Although we celebrate his life and legacy today, there isn’t a day that goes by that his name doesn’t pop into my head on remaining diligent on following my dreams. Remaining steadfast on seeing the world kinder and more loving. He is a reminder to me to keep my focus on my dream regardless of the moments when I fall into fear of it being too big of a vision for me to create.

So I ask you, do you have a dream? Does it feel too big that you ‘don’t go there’? Does if seem impossible because you are too old, too young, too whatever? Or are you afraid to dream big in fear of being disappointed?

You too can follow your passion, your purpose, your dream regardless of the size of it and I encourage you to do so. My dream is to help millions of people around the world see the good in them and others and live their lives fully. As I follow my dream there has been deep love and sometimes deep fear, and yet my dream lives on inside of me. Sometimes it’s despite me in moments of ‘how am I going to actualize this dream to the magnitude I want it to be’. When those moments of fear pop up, and trust me they do, deeper inside of me is the passion and purpose, the grace and gratitude, the conviction and knowingness that it’s the right dream for me. It makes me light up far more than fall into fear. It brings much greater joy growing the dream than sadness on when I feel its faltering. It is bigger than me and at the same time it is me.

You too can follow your dreams and LIVE them by:

Knowing that the your dream destination is filled with a great journey of love, laughter and happiness. Enjoy the small and big moments on the way to living your dream life.

Taking the baby steps towards your big vision. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you look at the big picture and wonder how it will unfold and yet each positive thought, word, and action will get you there. Enjoy today while you are dreaming of your tomorrows.

Being gentle with yourself along the path of your dreams. There will be days that you are filled with wonder and awe as you see it becoming a reality and there will be moments where you wonder why you continue to try as fear creeps in. Being gentle with yourself in those fearful moments, as they can be a great resource of gaining clarity on what you want and allowing you to make adjustments along the way.

Mostly my wish is for you to realize that if you are living your life in deeper love, laughter, happiness, compassion and kindness, you are living the dream right now today! Dreams continue to grow, they will shift and change and yet every moment you choose to see life through the lens of love over fear, peace over conflict, health over illness, you have arrived.

Until next time, dream on.

uplifting quotes

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
~ Walt Disney

“You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”
~ C.S. Lewis

“Every great dream becomes with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world.”
~ Harriet Tubman

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