do you believe in love at first sight?

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10392255_156675303712_2354150_nDo you believe in love at first sight? I am a big hopeful romantic. I’m the girl that loves the romantic comedies and can’t wait for the holidays in order for The Hallmark Channel to provide a new crop of over-the-top sappy movies with happy endings (some of which are even too sappy for me). Don’t judge me. 🙂

Over the years my opinion of love at first sight has changed from an absolute yes it’s true to no it’s only lust at first sight and then back to yes. I am and will continue to be a hopeful romantic. How did I come to the conclusion that I absolutely believe in love at first sight? When I released the need of being right about the connection. Love at first sight doesn’t state long lasting love, nor forever love. It doesn’t say the other person feels it too. It says love at first sight, plain and simple and yet oh so fascinatingly complex.

My love at first sight experiences were an instant connection of familiarity, comfort, excitement, and yes attraction. However each relationship unfolded differently and evolved into what they needed to be at that time. Oh and to be clear, there haven’t been that many of them, yet I remain hopeful. 🙂

I recently decided to add love at first sight to all aspects of my life rather than just a romantic connection. I am choosing to greet each day through the eyes of love and see people and experiences from fresh eyes and seeing the love that abounds.

Love is beautifully messy in all aspects of romance, friendships, family, colleagues, events, and whatever else you might love. It’s often not convenient and we can come up with hundreds of excuses not to fall in love whether it be at first sight or years later. Not the right time, too busy, distance, or a variety of excuses that we use to rationalize our decisions while in truth they hold us back from living our lives fully and completely in deep love.

For the next week, I invite you to fall in love at first sight by:

Loving yourself. Forget the ‘he/she’ completes me and realize they compliment you. Others from romance to friendships enhance your life, they don’t make it, as you are whole and complete just as you are. You can have your happily ever after life just as you are, sharing it heightens the happiness, it doesn’t create it.

Starting your day in the space of loving yourself and all those you see in the day. Whether it’s your partner, your family/friend, colleague, or a stranger, greet them with the intention of connecting with a smile, hug, or kind word. See love rather than fear.

Go love sightseeing. When you are out and about in the world, take notice of things you love from couples holding hands, to a group of friends having a great time, to a pretty display in a window that you admire. Focus on seeing what you love rather than focusing on what you don’t like.

Mostly, my wish is for you to come from a space of hopeful rather than hopeless in whoever and whatever you fall in love with. Be hopeful about romance. Be hopeful about having a great career. Be hopeful about amazing prosperity and perfect health. Be hopeful about living your best life.

Until next time, here is to your love at first sights being lasting, deep, and more loving than you could have imagined. Oh and toss in those mistletoe kisses while you are at it. 🙂  I am hopeful…how about you?


I choose to look at life through the eyes of love for self, others, and the world.


uplifting quotes

“Friendship at first sight, like love at first sight, is said to be the only truth.”
~ Herman Melville“The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.”
~ Blaise Pascal

“Anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”
~ Author unknown

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