Detour Ahead

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 Driving home from my mom’s in Central Illinois, I am almost home. I can see the Sears Tower on the horizon and get excited as I get closer and closer to it. However, just as I’m there, the highway curves to the left and forces me to go around the city to get home. I’ve been driving for nearly three hours and I’m just ready to be home. I can see home, yet can’t quite get there.  I could get off onto city streets and deal with lights and traffic, or I can continue on the detour knowing that it will still get me to my destination, and most likely faster than if I got off and lost sight of my goal – home. For you see, on the detour, I can see the skyline the entire way, so although it may feel delayed, I see it’s still there.


I realized my last trip home that feeling is exactly what it feels like when I near a dream yet can’t quite make a straight line to it. Veering off the path sometimes feels like you are losing sight of your dream, but in reality it’s offering you a new vantage point which to see it from. When you begin to see your detours in life as an opportunity to witness life from a new perspective, it becomes less daunting and foreboding. As a matter of fact, it becomes part of the journey itself rather than a delay to the end result.


For the next week, I invite you to appreciate detours by:


Seeing them as a different path to your end result rather than taking you off course


Appreciating the fact they offer you a new perspective on where you are going


Mostly, my wish is for you to realize that detours can be just as fun and as exciting as the destination when you choose to see them as part of the adventure rather than a delay.


Until next time, enjoy the twists and turns in the journey

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