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The holiday season seems to offer us the greatest time for deep gratitude and deep frustration. We speak about people we are grateful for and then within moments we are speaking about our frustration on long lines at the stores or complaining that consumerism is cutting into family time with starting hours on the holiday itself.   I know I caught myself in some of those very conversations.

The holiday season, just like any season, any day, any moment simply offers you the opportunity to choose. You can choose to cherish the experience and find the good in the contrast and create your tomorrows from that space. Or you can choose to get frustrated and create from that space.  I choose to cherish life while remember frustration shows up to as a gentle nudge that I’m focusing on fearful rather than loving thoughts. So rather than focusing on the extended shopping hours and the workers having to leave their families earlier (and I have family in retail), I choose to focus on people who love shopping and perhaps share that experience with their family. I choose to focus on the staff getting more hours and having a nice paycheck. Sure I can focus on the ‘wrongs’ of the world as they are there for the finding. But I choose to focus on the love, the laughter, the happiness and to cherish life.

For the next week, I invite you to cherish your life by focusing on:

Love, laughter and deep happiness; When frustration arises (and it will), take a deep breath and be grateful knowing frustration is as much of a choice as is kindness.

Mostly my wish for you is to cherish the journey and not just the destination you are striving for.  Cherish the successes along the way. Cherish what appears to be a road block as your ultimate destination may need a new route to get there with more grace and ease. Cherish the people in your life and…cherish YOU!

Until next time, cherish the moment, and then the next and the next after that.

And let me know what you cherish. Comment below.

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