Can You Imagine?

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Can You Imagine-Can I have your attention for the next 5 or 10 minutes? I mean, REALLY have your attention. We’re going to play a game of make believe. I’m sure you played it as a child, I know I did. So as you read further, I want you to sit in a space of all possibilities and release the need to say anything that takes you out of the space of imagination.

Image -I – nation. Right now the images being shared and the stories talked about in the media are of fear and destruction. It is certainly true there are things going on that are tragic, fearful and scary. However, there are also babies being born, kids learning to ride their bike, graduating from school, getting a job, getting a promotion, traveling, getting married, and so many things we overlook as we shift our attention to fear.

So join me and imagine love being our primary thought; Imagine peace being our primary state of being; and imagine kindness being our primary action. Now let’s imagine for a moment our own personal relationship with fear and destruction. Where in our own lives can we clean it up and be more loving and kind to reflect out to everyone we come across. Thinking of national or global issues can be so overwhelming that we join in on the conversations of doom and gloom. When you create more peace and love in your own life, then you can and are a part of the solution on creating more peace and love in the world. It’s so very easy to focus on what we don’t have in our lives, especially if they are things of high value. If we are having financial struggles, it can be hard to imagine abundance. If we are currently facing a health scare, it can be difficult to feel healthy. If we are feeling lonely and want to be in a relationship, it’s easy to focus on being alone rather than with someone.

Mostly, I want you to take a moment to imagine what YOUR life would look like if you felt fully worthy of living the best version of yourself. Imagine you cannot fail. You will not get hurt. You are safe for you are enough just as you are and all other enhance your life. I’ve just waved my fairy Carol wand over you, so get ready to imagine your greatness. Imagine this for you and seeing it for others and thus helping to re-shift focus on all the good that is going on in the world while we send love to those in peril.


Moving forward, join by imagining your dreams coming true by…

Knowing you are worthy of living your dreams! Often we want that great job, home, health or relationship and yet deep down we don’t feel we deserve it and ultimately sabotage it. Some are dealing with such low self-worth it’s obvious, while many others it’s in the subtleties in their thoughts, words and actions. Simply by being YOU makes you worthy of what makes you happy. Write down a few things that you know you are good at or that others have told you that you are good at and look at that list when you start to allow fear in on unworthiness.

Being brave and courageous. It’s easy to live a mediocre life. It doesn’t require you to grow or to risk anything. When I say mediocre, that is for everyone to personally decide what is mediocre to them as we all want different lifestyles. However, I bet you know when you are playing it safe so you aren’t hurt, disappointed, or look foolish. And trust me, I have been brave and courageous and have still been hurt, disappointed or felt foolish – and yet – I wouldn’t have it any other way as I must live from my heart. Bravery and courage will enhance your confidence as life will be better than you could have imagined – even with the pitfalls of people who weren’t able to be brave and courageous with you.

Knowing you are scared and do it anyway! Okay – some fear is not only necessary, it’s helpful! Fear alerts us to dangerous situations that allow us to get out of harm’s way. Fear also allows us to see what we don’t want and then we can shift it into thinking, speaking and acting from a space of what we do want. If you are afraid of going for that dream job…do it anyway! If you want a relationship but are afraid of getting hurt…go for it anyway! The right livelihood, the right homes, and the right relationships are out there for those willing to risk the practice jobs, homes, relationships on the way to the ones that are aligned for them.

By focusing on gratitude. Start your morning in gratitude. End your day in gratitude. Be grateful for the smallest of small things in your life. Be grateful for the big things in your life. Find gratitude in your challenges. Rejoice in gratitude in your celebrations. Say thank you as many times a day as you can. If you are around me, you’ll see me looking up at the sky and thanking the clouds or the sun or the birds that just flew over.

 Mostly, I want you to remember that you are responsible for your part of the world. Your personal thoughts, words and actions filter out from you to your friends/family, community, city, state, country and world. Imagine being kind and compassionate to all. Imagine learning from people who are different than you and have had different life experiences. Imagine all the peace that is currently available and allowing that to grow. Imagine having laser focus on your dreams, on your passion, on your purpose, and wishing that for all others too. Can you imagine?

Until next time, I have a great imagination and I see all of our dreams coming true. The question is, are you willing to step into them?


I am worthy of all that I desire.


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

~ Mark Twain

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.”

~ Albert Einstein

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

~ Muhammad Ali


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