Are You Living in Paradise?

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FullSizeRender (2)It’s a new day and you’ve just opened your eyes for the first time? What do you see? Do you see beauty or do you see fear? What are you thinking? Are you thinking about having a great day ahead or are you focused on just getting through it. What are you talking about? Are you moaning that you didn’t get enough sleep or are you happily greeting the day? Are you dreading the day ahead or are you eager to see how it unfolds for your highest good? Are you living in paradise?

I just spent four days in Paradise, Key West, FL, to meet new friends in a project I am involved in – Project Positive Change at an event called Possibilities in Paradise. Most vacation spots are considered paradise and Key West is certainly included in my definition of it – palm trees, ocean, sun and fun. I made many new friends, learned more about myself and my purpose and had tons of fun in the process. I got to catch up with a good friend Loretta, who is also one of my global huggers, which I haven’t seen since 2009. I also went parasailing which I LOVED. I had such a great time while in paradise, and yet I also dealt with contrast.

It was so hot and humid with little to no breeze that it was sweltering morning and night and I was HOT. I was so hot that I felt I wasn’t my normal bubbly go-go-go self and I internally chastised myself that these awesome people weren’t meeting the real me. I was also nervous sharing a room with someone I hadn’t met before and yet he turned out to be awesome. And lastly, I wasn’t prepared for the fact meeting locations were spread apart and I didn’t bring proper shoes for walking. Wah wah wah, I’m in paradise for goodness sake so how could I focus on contrast? Well for the vast majority of time I didn’t, but it did creep in from time to time. Mostly the weekend was sensational as I loved the group I was with, loved the palm trees, loved the tropical vibe, loved parasailing, loved the sunset cruise and I simply love to travel.

My weekend in Key West was a great reminder that paradise is truly a mindset and not a location. Love and fear exists everywhere and you get to choose what to focus on. Whether I am in Key West during the sweltering summer heat or in Chicago during wintertime, I get to choose to see paradise right here, right now. Whether I am at a job I hate or working toward a job I love, I get to choose how to view my current environment. Whether I am in a great relationship or seeking one, it’s a mindset choice on focusing on love rather than focusing on fear. When you focus on what you want in life rather than what you don’t want, you are living in paradise. Hot/cold, happy/sad, excited/bored – paradise is just a thought away.

Moving forward I invite you to live in your paradise by:

Appreciating where you came from, where you are now, and where you are going. Appreciate it all, the good and the perceived bad, as each experience is part of your journey.

Forgiving yourself when you aren’t showing up as your best self. Self-forgiveness is key to living in paradise as others can’t hurt you (including yourself) unless you hand over your power to them.

Looking for and focusing on what’s going right in this now moment. Whether your life is currently a state of celebration or you are in a space of sorrow, love lives right there with you. Focus on love and be diligent about it, especially if you are in a rough patch.

Mostly my wish for you is to truly see your life, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the celebrations and sorrows as part of a magical life called paradise. Why? Because you matter to me, you matter to the world and mostly you matter to you.

Until next time, I’ll meet you in paradise


I choose to see my life as living in paradise.

Uplifting Quotes

“It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are…than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

“Paradise was made for tender hearts; hell for loveless hearts.” ~ Voltaire

“He that does good for good’s sake seeks neither paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end.” ~ William Penn

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