Are You Building Bridges or Walls?

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232323232-fp93232-uqcshlukapxpnu6-nu=3239-496-64;-WSNRCG=3476467744338nu0mrjRecently, I saw this video of time elapsed snow buildup and it captured my attention. I found it gorgeous, amazing, awe inspiring and then it hit me, WOW, what if we could see the results of our thoughts, words and actions in a time lapse? How cool would that be?

If you could see your current thoughts, words and actions for the past year in a 3-minute video, would it be a video building walls? Or would it be a video building bridges.

Are your thoughts, words and actions holding you back from living a life full of love, laughter and happiness? Or are your thoughts building bridges creating space and avenues to live the life you so richly deserve?

So take a look at your thoughts, words and actions and know that they build upon each other. Sometimes it seems to take days, weeks, months or even years to see where they are leading you, but I promise you, they are guiding you in your life.

Moving forward, I encourage you to live life happier by focusing on your:

THOUGHTS: Ask yourself what gets most of your attention during the day? Is it on thoughts that bring more love, laughter and happiness into your day? Or is it thoughts of lack of self-worth, uncertainty and scarcity? Now, my days are filled with coaching, training and creating positivity, so much of my focus goes there. However, fear also stops by and asks me ‘Am I enough?’ ‘Who do you think you are trying to create global positivity?’, ‘Who is going to listen to you?’ Some days I play in that fearful space a little too long, while most days I see them for what they are, fearful thoughts that I can gently thank and reframe into thoughts that bring me into a deeper state of happiness. So pay attention to your thoughts and nurture the ones that feel good and be gentle with the ones that don’t.

WORDS: Listen to what you say to yourself and others? Are they words of happiness and joy? Or are they words of judgment and dislike? Words are big to me, perhaps it’s because I’m a writer, but I do feel their energy and know what words bring more happiness to me compared to the ones that don’t. Lots of people like to say go out there and ‘kick ass’ today in a good way and yet ‘kicking for me brings about fighting against what I don’t want rather than loving what I do, so I reframe it to a gentler saying for me. Since I’m so sensitive to words, I often catch fearful words quickly, however, I do catch myself during the day choosing words that are less than loving toward myself. So pay attention to how the words you use make you feel and move forward with the ones that make you smile and be gentle with the ones that create unease.

ACTIONS: Are your actions serving you in living and loving life? Or are they holding you back from living the life you deserve? I find thoughts and words being part of the action steps, so the more kind and loving thoughts and words I choose, the kinder and more loving my actions are as well. Move forward in actions that inspire you and make you excited to be alive. Now, that doesn’t mean ignoring actions that are less than thrilling. The farmer may not get excited about preparing his field for planting, but he can be excited about the crops he will reap later because of his beginning actions. The more you pay attention, the more you will know when an action truly isn’t right for you or if it’s one that has better results coming because of the ground work. So pay attention to how your actions feel and continue on with the ones that are serving you and gently release the ones that are holding you back.

Mostly, my wish for you is to think, speak and act from a space of living boldly, loving deeply, laughing loudly, hugging intently and smiling brightly. You deserve to have your moments, that turn into hours, that turn into days, that turn into weeks, that turn into months and that turn into years, that ultimately turns into a life of love, kindness and respect for all.

Until next time, see the end result of your time elapsed movie being an Oscar worthy love story.



My thoughts, words and actions create more love and happiness in my life.

Words to Live By

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open up doors where there were walls.” ~ Joseph Campbell
“The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out joy.” ~ Jim Rohn

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ~ Isaac Newton

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