Are You A Winner?

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The Winner Is...Do you consider yourself a winner? And if yes or no, what does being a winner look like and mean to you? Does it mean having a successful career? Does it mean having a happy relationship? Is being a winner an internal desire? Or does it require external recognition to be a winner?

For those of you who have followed me for awhile know I’m a big St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan. Winning a World Series makes me over the moon happy and yet I dislike when the cameras hone in on the faces of the losing team. And I certainly don’t like it when it’s my guys faces being shown as the losing team. I used to race sailboats for many years and I loved the competitive nature of it and winning the race was certainly the ultimate. However, I would find myself not liking the ‘feeling better than others’ part of winning. I began to realize that the ultimate in winning for me was to be a good winner or a good loser. If I knew our crew did the best they could winning was great and not winning was okay too. I began to realize through sports and life in general that my true competition was with myself.  Could I be a better daughter, sister, aunt? How about being a better friend or lover? Could I be a better employee or colleague? Could I be a better leader? Could I simply be a better person? And to top it off… could I be better to me?!

Moving forward I invite you to have the competitive edge by… 

Living Boldly – Dream BIG! Go after what you want in life from work, relationships or anything that adds to your happiness. Remember, you can only make changes for yourself and not others, so keep your dreams general and allow them to show up in bigger and bolder ways than holding onto it being a specific job or partner. Get into how you want to feel living your dreams.

Loving Deeply – Love full out. Now of course that doesn’t mean telling someone on a first-second-third… date that you love them. 🙂 But it does mean to love life. Love the fact that you woke up in the morning and have another 24 hours in front of you to live boldly. Let those in your life know what they mean to you. Be loving to yourself!

Laughing Loudly – Laughter truly is the best medicine. When life is offering your reasons to celebrate – laugh loudly. When life is offering you challenges to grow, find the reasons within the challenge to laugh.

Hugging Intently – Embrace life. Appreciate it. Find the gratitude in it and YES, you know it wouldn’t be my recommendation if it didn’t come with a heartfelt reason to HUG. I’ve had the pleasure hundreds of times seeing the power of a hug from strangers and I certainly like hugging my family and friends as well. Give it a try, I wasn’t a hugger until I started giving out free hugs.

Smile Brightly –  Your smile lights the room for you and for others. Share it often. I know it’s easy to smile when we are happy with the way things are going in our life, but it is just as important to smile when dealing with challenges. I’m not asking you to stuff feelings during sorrow, rather I am asking you to find reasons to smile during it. You never know who you might uplift with your smile and in fact…it just might be you!

Mostly, my wish is for you to go through life seeing it as a big board game. There will be times of celebrations that seem like victory is easily yours. There will be times when you are faced with challenges that winning seems to be out of your reach. Know that through your celebrations and sorrows you are a winner when you are compassionate, loving, gentle, kind and forgiving to you and others.

Until next time, game on!


I give life my all!

Words To Live By

“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.” ~ Paul Bryant

“Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.” ~ John Wooden

“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.” ~ Brian Tracy

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