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PicMonkey CollageRecently I was staying at a friend’s house in between selling my place that I had loved and lived in for 11 ½ years and looking for my next home closer to the lake. It was the perfect transition for me to let go of what was and look forward to what is to become. I was in a space of deep gratitude, lots of excitement mixed in with a little fear that showed up as sadness of letting go and anxiousness of what was coming. Mostly though it was a time to simply be and look forward to new.

I joked with my friend that it was the best halfway house a person could have as it was beautiful, cozy and was located in my old neighborhood which had become my comfort zone. I knew the sounds of that neighborhood, I knew the smells, and mostly I knew where I fit. It was the perfect reminder to me that even good change, and I was truly excited to start a new adventure, can be wrapped in uncertainty as you step out of your comfort zone.

The above picture is artwork in their place that I have always enjoyed. It’s colorful and each time I look for different pictures within the picture, sort of like looking at cloud formations. For years of looking at the picture I had always seen the vibrant colors, until a particular day that I looked at it differently, simply from a different angle. The picture was no longer vibrate, but rather muted colors. It was still beautiful and yet it was a new painting. It evoked different thoughts and different feelings. I moved to look at this picture from different angles in pure amazement that I had been looking at this picture for several years the same way. Now I loved the angle I had been looking at it, it was bright and I’m more of a primary color girl so that worked. I found it interesting and might see different pictures within the picture, but it was from the same vantage point. It was from the same angle.  Because it was nice and pleasing I hadn’t even thought of another angle to view it from. Why change what is pleasing?

Why? Because sometimes what is pleasing can be even better! Not always of course as sometimes your first impression is the best for you in the moment. However this epiphany made me see my move in a whole new light. I loved the old home, the wonderful memories far outweighed sad ones and yet it was time for a new vantage point. So now I am living from a new vantage point in my life and discovering what angles I prefer while choosing to remain open for even better and more interesting vantage points to show up.

Whatever life is offering you right in this moment, know that you can change your vantage point to heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows by:

Seeing from all angles of where you currently are in life from a lens of gratitude. When things are going well it’s easy to be grateful and yet we still often take things for granted. Before I get out of bed in the morning I start the day saying thank you. I then think of the people in my life I am grateful for, the ones that are coming and give thanks to those  who are gone. I think about the big and little things in my life that I am grateful for allowing more to come in. During the day I give thanks for beauty that catches my eye from the lake, to an elder couple holding hands, to the laughter of kids. I also give thanks to my awareness of how I feel as my awareness allows me to shift as needed. When I go to bed at night I again think of all the things I am grateful for.

Going deeper into gratitude when dealing with contrast. When you are moving through or are feeling stuck in a challenging situation gratitude is essential as it helps build the bridge to move through the experience with grace and ease…at least more ease. Look for and be grateful for the things that are going well in your life and allow them to grow. Step up your gratitude by being grateful for the actual challenging experience by knowing that contrasts allows you to get clear on what you do want by showing you want you don’t want.

Taking some deep intentional breaths. When I get overwhelmed from the vantage point of having too much to do in what I perceive as little time, I take some deep intentional breaths which bring me into a new space…a new vantage point.

Knowing all is well. Now that can be a toughie in the midst of struggle and yet it is oh so true. Jobs end so better fitting ones can show up. Relationships evolve or end allowing in better and longer lasting connections. Time may seem restrictive and yet energy has no boundaries and limits and is constant.

Mostly my wish for you is to know that whatever you are going through on your current journey it is perfectly imperfect, allowing you to show up as your best self. Without our contrasts our celebrations wouldn’t be so breathtaking and without our celebrations our contrasts would seem unending. Find that vantage point that shines your light allowing in deeper love, laughter and happiness.

Until next time, remember life is even better when seen from all angles.

Quotes to Inspire

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” ~ Albert Einstein

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from our own.” ~Henry Ford 

“We all live with blinders on. They come with having a personal vantage point.” ~ Victoria Moran

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