5 Tips to Move Through the Holiday Blues

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While many are joyful and excited about the holiday season, for others, it creates great angst, isolation, and sadness. I recently sat down with Melissa Corter to discuss ways to move through the holiday blues and find a little comfort and peace.

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Recap of 5 Tips to move through the holiday blues:

  1.  Be of Service: volunteer, be of service to yourself or others. When you are of service to others you are feeding and nurturing yourself just as much as you are being of service to them.
  2. Create a new mind association to the holiday if the holiday doesn’t feel good to you. Do something different than in years past and create a new tradition.
  3. Give yourself the gift of foregiveness. Forgive yourself for your own harsh judgments and lighten your heart.
  4. Honor those that are still hear this holiday season as well as honoring those who are gone. Create an altar, light a candle, or create a tradition that will honor your loved ones.
  5. Release stress and focus on gratitude. Remember, your presence is far more important than your presents.

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