20/20 Vision

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How is your vision? Are you seeing clearly or does your lens seem to have a film over it blurry your vision? I’m not talking about what you see from your eyes, but what you are seeing from your heart. What is your life vision?

My Positive Focus signature is Positive Focus Founder & Vision Keeper, yet it hit me recently is my vision clear? I’m clear that I want to help people live the happiest and most positive life possible. I’m clear that the world is filled with far more loving people than fearful ones. I’m also clear that by having a positive focus in your life enhances celebrations and lessens disappointments. But have I been clear on my vision of creating the space to help people see my vision? Since the moment I started down this path each experience has helped me get crystal clear on my vision and each day I am more determined and passionate about seeing it through and helping people see they matter in this world.

Are you clear with your life vision? Start with wanting to live a happy and fulfilled life. What does that look like to you as it’s different for everyone? What do you want your family life to look like? What do you want your career to look like? How about your health? Clarify your vision and create a road map to creating it.

For the next week, I invite you to envision living through:

Awareness of your thoughts, words and actions as it’s through awareness that allows you to make adjustments if needed.

Kindness for yourself and others and take note when you are thinking or saying unkind things about yourself and others and adjust accordingly.

Gratitude for where you came from, where you are now and knowing that through gratitude your tomorrows will be even better.

Mostly my wish for you is to take time to visualize the life you want and for you to start taking baby steps in towards them. Know that the experiences that bring about challenge offers you clarity on what you do want.

Until next time, I can see your best self crystal clear….can you?

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